Material Set-Up for blender 2.8

The next generation of 3D visualisation is obviously powered by Free Open-Source Software like blender. One Shader to Rule is simple and very effective. The Material Set-Up isn’t just free, it is… You will trust Your own eyes, watch it.

The Power of EEVEE

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blender 2.8

Blender is our choice for 3D tasks since 2.45 was released. It already had a lot potentials but was hard to get familiar with for beginners. Right click selection was confusing and the GUI rudimental, but compared to the latest version – there have been some major releases. The next one will open an unknown galaxy

blender 2.80 public beta

When we searched the Net for good tutorials for blender, Andrew Price aka BlenderGURU was who stood out. And he was it again who made us curious to get hands-on blender 2.80.

The most annoying process in 3D visualization always was rendering. It took hours to get an idea of what it will look like and could take days for the final or sequence.

Well, those days been gone.

2D integration isn’t such a revolutionary concept but improved it is a very powerful tool for cartoon animations, while perspective of camera and objects still is adjustable.

This makes blender one of the most impressive animation tools in the industry. Therefore it’s not just used for several indie films, but Marvel, too.

You don’t even need to buy licenses, extensions, or make a subscription plan for the pro version… it’s free!